When can a police officer search your vehicle?

You see the red and blue lights flashing in your rear-view mirror. You pull off to the side of the road and an officer walks up to your window. After the officer verifies your license and insurance, they ask if they can search your vehicle. You freeze. You don’t know what to say or what your rights are. What happens if you say no? Can they search your vehicle anyway? Here are five ways that an officer can legally search your vehicle.


What to do if your teen faces juvenile DUI charges

As a parent, one of the most frightening phone calls you could receive is from the police stating that your child is in trouble. When your child has a run-in with the law, you worry about their safety, future opportunities and how you can solve the problem.

For teens, drunk driving is one of the more common criminal acts. The responsibility of driving may be new to them. Beers and liquor might start to enter into social groups for the first time. While this can be a recipe for mistakes, teens are still accountable for following the law.