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Assistance With The Collateral Consequences Of Criminal Convictions

Being charged with a criminal offense often creates consequences beyond appearing in court and facing the sanctions provided for by the criminal law. Many people don’t realize that there are often other life-altering consequences in addition to the sentence that may be imposed by a judge. You may be justifiably concerned about your job and career, driver’s license, student status, immigration status, insurance costs and other important matters.

For comprehensive protection of your rights, it is important to retain a lawyer who is not only familiar with the criminal courtroom, but also has experience dealing with and maneuvering through the various administrative agencies and licensing boards that may also be involved.

Facing License Suspension Or Revocation? Concerned About University Discipline Or Other Issues?

Experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney Mark Langston understands that a criminal conviction can have far-reaching impacts. If your career is dependent upon maintaining a professional license, your livelihood may be jeopardized. Lawyer Mark Langston is experienced at helping clients with these “non-courtroom” issues related to criminal charges and convictions.

  • Professional licensure: Criminal charges can affect the status of your professional license. Even if misconduct occurs outside of your profession, it can still affect your ability to practice the profession.
  • Driving privileges: Your driver’s license may be affected by a DUI, another driving crime or traffic violations.
  • Student issues: Mr. Langston has extensive experience helping students facing criminal charges deal effectively with the disciplinary sanctions at the University of Colorado Boulder and other institutions.
  • Other consequences: Any felony, and even a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction, can affect your ability to possess firearms. Insurance companies use criminal records to calculate the risk for insurance. Landlords may not enter into a lease with someone who has a criminal record. It is essential to consider the total impact on your life when deciding how to proceed in any criminal matter.

To learn more about the potential collateral consequences of your criminal case and take an important step to protect your rights and future, contact us at The Law Office of Mark T. Langston, P.C.