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Your Legal Advocate While Serving Probation

Rigorous efforts to avoid convictions and mitigate the consequences of arrests and criminal prosecutions are only one aspect of our practice at The Law Office of Mark T. Langston, P.C., in Boulder, Colorado. Many people turn to Mr. Langston for assistance in the aftermath of a conviction, when they are striving to regain their freedoms, correct an injustice or clear the way to accomplish other important life goals.

Probation Complaints

Probation is an alternative to incarceration. Offenders who receive probation as a sentence will be able to remain members of their community, as long as they remain law-abiding and follow the rules and comply with conditions set by the court. These rules may require them to seek counseling or treatment, undergo alcohol/drug testing, and/or perform community service. They may also be required to attend regular meetings with their supervising officer.

Failure to comply with these rules and conditions may cause a probation complaint to be filed, which may lead to the revocation of probation and the imposition of a jail or prison sentence. Dedicated defense lawyer Mark Langston is experienced in these matters and all other aspects of criminal law in Colorado. He is able to provide valuable assistance with regard to probation complaints or any other sentencing issues.

Post-Conviction Relief: A Colorado Defense Attorney Who Knows Your Rights

A conviction for a criminal offense is often the beginning of another long and complicated legal journey. Following a conviction, the law provides for appeals from adverse legal rulings, actions to overturn illegal or unconstitutionally obtained convictions, requests for the reduction of the sentence imposed, and the sealing of the records of certain eligible cases. Matters that Mark Langston commonly pursues and addresses include:

  • Post-Conviction review: If you have already gone to court and the case is over, it may be possible to overturn an illegal conviction. You may have been wrongly convicted.
  • Reduced or modified sentence: In some cases, it is possible to get your sentence reduced or modified.
  • Probation issues: If you are on probation, it may be possible to shorten the length of probation or modify the terms of your supervision.
  • Record sealing: Having a public criminal record may affect many opportunities, including getting a job, getting into school, obtaining a professional license, traveling to foreign countries, and even renting an apartment or obtaining insurance. Depending on your specific circumstances, Mark Langston may be able to petition the court to seal your criminal records. Once a record is sealed, you can avoid having information about your criminal case revealed to others who search for that information. This provides legal protection from the adverse legal consequences of having a criminal record that often far outlive the sentence imposed by the court.
  • Sex offender registration: Attorney Mark Langston can help individuals convicted of sex offenses identify the legal obligations to which they must conform, help determine if and when the person can stop registering, and file a petition to terminate registration in eligible cases.

For a consultation on an alleged probation violation, legal options you may have after being convicted, or any other criminal law concern in Colorado, we encourage you to contact our firm at 303-440-0856 or via email.