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Strong Criminal Defense Against Drug Charges

Illegal drug activity is a prime target for law enforcement agents and legislators who wish to be viewed as tough on crime. Mandatory sentencing laws have raised the stakes, and nonviolent drug offenders now account for an alarmingly large percentage of the U.S. prison population. The classification of the offense and penalties you may face if convicted depend on many factors, including the type and quantity of drug, the purpose of the activity (manufacture, sale or use), and any prior criminal history.

A Trial-Proven Felony Drug Crime Defense Attorney In Colorado

In Colorado, some convictions for the possession or distribution of controlled substances require the imposition of a prison sentence. Although marijuana laws have recently evolved, our state’s drug laws remain some of the most complex, rigid and punitive in the country.

Whether you are a wage earner, professional, CU student or anyone else, please do not underestimate the total consequences of a drug conviction on your life and future. In approaching your drug charge case, Boulder attorney Mark Langston will work to ensure you have the information to make sound, educated decisions.

With extensive experience in both state and federal courts, Mr. Langston is well-equipped to provide an effective defense against drug charges at any level, including:

  • Drug possession or unlawful use of any controlled substance
  • Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Sale or distribution of drugs
  • Drug trafficking, conspiracy and other charges often filed in federal court
  • Illegal marijuana cultivation, drug manufacturing, or possession of chemicals for drug manufacturing
  • Prescription fraud
  • Prosecution as a special drug offender or habitual criminal

Were Your Constitutional Rights Violated? Do You Need Help With A Drug Problem?

Drug prosecutions are often fertile ground for constitutional challenges of police conduct and procedures under the Fourth, Fifth and/or Sixth Amendment. Attorney Mark Langston has extensive experience litigating search-and-seizure and unlawful surveillance issues. He also actively helps clients who recognize that they have substance abuse problems obtain professional counseling and treatment.

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