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While domestic violence itself is not a specific offense in Colorado, any allegation that a crime was committed in the context of an intimate relationship must be taken extremely seriously. The consequences of conviction can be harsh and far-reaching, impacting nearly every aspect of the offender’s life, including firearm rights and employment.

Mark Langston is a highly experienced Boulder attorney handling domestic violence cases throughout Colorado. He can vigorously protect your rights in the effort to reach the best possible resolution if you are charged with a crime of domestic violence such as:

Domestic Violence Allegations Invoke Specific Requirements And Procedures

In recent years, law enforcement has developed new policies, the court system has implemented far-reaching changes, and prosecuting attorneys have taken a more active role in zealously enforcing both new and existing domestic violence laws in Colorado. In addition to the special set of procedural rules and sentencing laws that apply to these cases, protection orders and no-contact provisions are also complicating factors in domestic violence prosecutions.

Domestic violence cases require the arrest of the alleged perpetrator. The person cannot be given a summons and complaint and ordered to appear in court at some future date; the person must be arrested “without undue delay.” After arrest, the person will likely have to remain in custody without bond until seen by a judge.

A Skilled Colorado Protection Order Attorney Serving All Area Communities

In all domestic violence cases, the conditions of bond include a mandatory protection order forbidding the defendant from having contact with the alleged victim or his/her residence. In addition to any other sentence imposed by the court, anyone convicted of an offense that fits the broad definition of domestic violence must be ordered into a domestic violence treatment program.

A Legal Alliance To Address Complex Domestic Violence Cases

Some domestic violence cases take place in the context of a dissolution of marriage (divorce). The interactions between a divorce case and a related criminal domestic violence case are complex and often confusing. Criminal defense lawyer Mark Langston works closely with his wife, experienced Boulder family law attorney Carol Glassman, and this alliance provides a wealth of resources and legal know-how in dealing with these complicated situations.

Every domestic violence case is different. Please do not face the charges against you alone or rely solely on the advice of family members or friends. Instead, contact The Law Office of Mark T. Langston, P.C., by phone at 303-440-0856 or send us an email as soon as possible for the guidance and representation you need.