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For nearly 40 years, Mark Langston has provided clients with smart, creative advice and professional representation in every type of criminal case, including serious felony and misdemeanor offenses, DUI and driver’s license revocation, professional disciplinary actions and post-conviction matters. Mr. Langston has the knowledge and experience to meet the challenges created by Colorado’s many mandatory sentencing laws in cases involving crimes of violence or sexual misconduct.

Mr. Langston is committed to ensuring that his clients know where they stand at all times during the duration of their case, so that they can intelligently and effectively consider all of their options. Recognizing the value of peace of mind, Mr. Langston strives to always be approachable, efficient, responsive and effective. He offers emergency service when necessary, maintains flexible office hours, provides for virtual client consultations, and personally keeps clients informed of the status of their cases.

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Focused On Helping Students Protect Their Futures

Mark Langston regularly assists college students and their families who are facing tough disciplinary sanctions at the University of Colorado due to criminal charges and/or violations of the Student Code of Conduct. He understands how crucial it is to effectively navigate this system to ensure the utmost protection of his clients’ future education and freedom.

Active In The Legal Community

To stay well-connected in the legal community and up-to-date with information, attorney Mark Langston is active in several legal organizations. He is a Life Member and past-President of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (CCDB), the only statewide organization that is devoted solely to the defense of people accused of committing crimes and to promoting fairness in governmental policy-making and legislation on criminal justice issues.

Mr. Langston is an active member of the Boulder County Bar Association, where he has co-chaired the Criminal Law Committee, and served as Chair of the Professionalism Committee for ten years. Mr. Langston is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), the Colorado Bar Association, and the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition.

An Overview Of Our Firm’s Services

Office Hours

  • Staff available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Monitored 24-hour voice messaging and email
  • Emergency contact numbers available
  • Collect calls accepted from jails and detention facilities
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Virtual teleconferencing available

Fees And Billing

  • Hourly rates
  • Flat fees in some cases
  • Credit Cards accepted

Referrals And Other Client Services

  • Experienced, professional legal assistants and staff
  • Notary Public
  • Conference rooms
  • Computerized legal research
  • Process servers
  • Experienced investigators
  • Expert witnesses
  • Forensic testing
  • Drug and alcohol treatment referrals
  • Psychological counseling and therapy referrals
  • Immigration consultants and interpreters

Legal Services For Lawyers

  • Representation in grievance/disciplinary proceedings
  • Case review/consultation
  • Co-counsel arrangements
  • Local counsel for out-of-state attorneys and law firms

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