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Security breaches put hackers in the crosshairs

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2018 | Blog |

In years past, identity theft used to be about stealing a person’s likeness (through their Social Security number) and taking advantage of the credit score or profile. Nowadays, it appears that identity theft has changed in that a person’s credit card (or debit card) can be usurped and incorporated into counterfeit cards.

This practice has unfortunately affected millions of American consumers and the threat of identity theft does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. This is arguably because the number of online transactions continues to grow, and the number of retailers subjected to cyberattacks reads like a Fortune 500 who’s who.

Security breaches have affected U.S. retailer Target, Neiman Marcus, grocery chain SuperValu, Asian restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s, and hardware retailer Lowe’s. Even Delta Airlines has had a recent, public cybersecurity breach.

Because of this, finding the criminals behind these computer crimes has become particularly important for federal prosecutors. Consumers’ personal and financial information are routinely sold on the black market (often through confidential back channels) that could leave unsuspecting consumers with their lives turned upside down.

With such a target on suspected computer hackers, it becomes that much more crucial for people who are under investigation for a crime or have been arrested, to have experienced legal counsel on their side.

Federal crimes are punished harshly compared to state law transgressions, since federal judges are guided by sentencing guidelines that offer little in the sense of leniency. Because of what is at stake, speaking to an attorney experienced with handling federal criminal indictments and trials is a way to avoid a conviction and the subsequent prison time that can come with it.

Keep in mind, the most successful cases are not won at trial, they are won through discovery and through motions. A skilled criminal defense attorney can thoroughly analyze the state’s case and advise you on how the government’s case can be defeated.

If you have questions about how your work as a computer technician can be considered a criminal act, an experienced attorney can help.

The preceding is for informational purposes only and should be construed as legal advice.